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llano developments inc.

Llano Development is a real estate builder & designer headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Vancouver, BC Canada


Construction Management


  • Brandings

  • UI/UX Design

  • Website Development


Llano faced several issues with its identity system and website. They felt that the brand’s existing visual identity wasn’t resonating with the broader audience which the company wanted to target. Nor was the website conveying the company's "premium craftmanship" image effectively. Furthermore, the website content management system is hard to use, which makes updating content extremely time-consuming and inefficient.


We refreshed Llano Developments' branding with an updated logo and a new visual guideline. A new website structure with information architecture derived from our research and content strategy helped to put the focus towards highlighting their past works and achievements. We also redesigned the website from the ground up to match its updated visual guideline to convey the feelings of premium craftsmanship. Lastly, we implemented a CMS solution that is both easy to use and effortless to maintain.

Site design reflects the brand's personality

We met our goal and Llano's new branding system and website speak clearly about its brand personality. Combined with subtle animation effects and a clean layout, the new website made browsing the client's work portfolio a pleasant experience.

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Llano Service Screen
Llano Desktop Menu
Llano Mobile
Llano website design
Llano project page design

Keep it simple

The main problem with Llano's old website was its structural clarity. When developing the new website, our priority was to simplify the structure by removing non-important content and nested pages, and provide a clear visual hierarchy of prioritised content.

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